November 17-19, 2010. Suzdal.

Conference “Carbon 2010” in Suzdal

On November 17-19, 2010, 7th international conference “Carbon: fundamental Problems of Science, Materials Engineering, Technology. Structural and Functional Materials (including nanomaterials) and technology of their production” was held in Suzdal.

208 people, including representatives from Ukraine, Belarus and Germany took part in this Conference. 44 plenary sessions and 197 poster presentations were made as a part of the conference discussion. There were three round table sessions, dedicated to the discussion of the structural and functional carbon materials, problems of the higher education and youth policy in science. And also the School of the young specialists took place in this event.

As a part of the conference there were presentations of Mr. Blank V.D., Mr. Popov М.Y., Mr. Useinov А.S., Mr. Pivovarov G.I., Mr. Kulnitskoi B.А., Mr. Polyakov S.N., Mr. Pyatov А.L., Ms. Karaeva А.R., Mr. Lomakin L.R., and also our students – Peter Stepanov, Tatyana Ivanova and Dmitry Ovchinnikov.