November 25, 2014, Moscow.

57th scientific conference of MIPT (SU)


The best reports of the 57th scientific conference of MIPT (SU) with international participation devoted to the 120th anniversary of the birth of P. Kapitsa, in the Advanced Carbon Materials and Technologies section, are:

"Modification of the boundaries of nanostructured SiGe-thermoelectrics," by Danil A. Ovsyannikov, a graduate student of TISNCM, and "Measurement of the tribological properties of coatings and composite materials at the submicron and nanometer scale," by Konstantin S. Kravchuk, a graduate student of SU MISA.

The report by Polina I. Yachevskaya is recommended for the competition program "Participant of the youth scientifically-innovative competition" of the Fund for Assistance to Small Enterprises in the Innovative scientific and technical sphere of MIPT (SU).

We wish you continued scientific successes!