April 17, 2015. Moscow.


On April 17, 2015, a Physical Marathon Festival took place in Troitsk. Starting a few months prior to the competition, each team participating in the marathon, guided by the scientists from the research institutes, has been developing and manufacturing a working model showing a physical phenomenon or the way a certain piece of equipment is applied. The final stage of the competition included a presentation and defense of the project on the stage of the local School of Arts. While preparing their exhibit, the participating students had to understand every detail of the phenomenon they described, because its presentation was followed by the questions of the jury consisting of the representatives of the scientific community of Troitsk and Moscow.

This year’s winner was a team titled Newsteins uniting the Lyceum of Troitsk and TISNCM, which in addition to the prizes, received a certificate from the Administration of Troitsk in the amount of 30 thousand rubles for organizing a school excursion trip.

    В специальных номинациях призы и дипломы получили команды:
  • "Star Phoenix" team from the Troitsk Grammar School in the Useful nomination;
  • "Nika" team from School №2 of Troitsk in the Cognition nomination;
  • "Sirius" team from School №6 of Troitsk in the Creative Approach nomination;
  • "Gods" team from the Troitsk Grammar School named after N.V.Pushkov in the Educational Potential nomination;
  • "Masters of Fire" team (Obninsk) in the Obvious-But-Incredible nomination;
  • "EDS" team (Dubna) in the Scientific nomination.

Congratulations to the Head of the Department in TISNCM, Ph.D. Alexei S. Useinov, the scientific head of the Newsteins team from the Lyceum of Troitsk, with winning the competition!

Participation in the event was held with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the framework of the agreement № 14.577.21.0088 (unique project ID RFMEFI57714X0088).

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