Laboratory Head, N. Kornilov, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics

One of the promising directions in research is enhancing the method of producing the poly- and single-crystal diamond films by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

Research areas

  • Increasing the growth rate of the single-crystal and polycrystalline CVD diamond plates without loss of quality or any deterioration of the physical characteristics.
  • Development of a unique technology of precision boron-doping the CVD diamond plates.
  • Improving a nitrogen-doping technology for the CVD diamond plates.
  • Improving technologies for polycrystalline and single-crystal homoepitaxial diamond films growth on the boron-doped diamond substrates by vapor deposition.

CVD diamond plates and films properties:

  • The thickness can vary from tens to hundreds of microns.
  • The polycrystalline CVD diamond plate size is up to 50mm (diameter).
  • The single-crystal CVD diamond plate size is determined by the size of the substrate (in this case, up to 8 mm).
  • The nitrogen content is less than 50 ppb.

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