Laboratory of X-ray Structure Analysis

Laboratory Head, Dr. S. Polyakov

Today TISNCM is a leader in the production of high quality diamonds. On the base of these diamonds the following unique results were obtained:

  • Diamond plate entirely free of defects with a coefficient of reflection ≈ 99.2%, which is close to the theoretical limit were created. That fact opens the prospect of use of these plates as a resonator mirror to create oscillator type free electron laser.
  • Thin diamond plates was used as monochromator set between the two undulators, in world’s first experiments for generation of the coherent X-ray radiation in single-pass free-electron laser.
  • Hybrid monochromator «the diamond-silicon» with extremely small spectral width of 0.25 meV and with high spectral efficiency of ≈ 65 % for inelastic scattering spectroscopy with energy resolution < 0.1meV was developed and created.
  • Module entirely consisting of diamond components for use on beam channels of synchrotron sources simultaneously as a beam splitter and as a doublecrystal spectrometer was created.

The reflection coefficient of the X-ray with energy of 13 keV
of the synthetic diamond with minimum defects level produced by TISNCM