Section of Electro-physical Measurements

Goals and objectives of the Section:

Studies of electrical, optoelectronic and acousto-electronic properties of new superhard, carbon and composite materials, design and manufacture of various types of sensors and active electronic devices, and also opto- and acousto-electronics on their basis.

Section Head:

        Dr. S. Buga


  • Dr. B. Sorokin, Chief Researcher
  • Dr. A. Volkov, Senior Researcher
  • Dr. V. Bormashov, Senior Researcher
  • Dr. G. Kvashnin, Senior Researcher
  • S. Tarelkin, Junior Researcher.
  • N. Luparev, Junior Researcher.

Types and ranges of measurement:

Electro-physical Measurements

LakeShore Cryotronics 7504 Hall Measurement System

Measurements of temperature dependences of electrical conductivity (electrical resistivity), of Hall coefficient, of charge carriers concentration and of their Hall effect mobility in semiconductors.

Measurements of current-voltage and capacitance-voltage characteristics
(Current range 1 pA-100 mA;
Voltage range (-100) - (100) V);
Temperature dependences of electrical characteristics
(Range from 10 to 800 K);
Measurements of Hall voltage in a magnetic field up to 2 Tesla.


Keithley 4200 Semiconductor Characterization System (based on precision computerized measurement system of current-voltage and capacitance-voltage characteristics)

Precision measurement system for current-voltage and capacitance-voltage characteristics for study of micro-and nanoelectronics elements,
current range 0,1 pA - 100 mA;
voltage range (-200) - (+200) B.


Measurements of field emission of carbon nanostructures:

Vacuum stand for I–V curve (current-voltage characteristic) study of field-emission cathodes



Production of metal contacts and applying of dielectric and piezoelectric films:

ORION Magnetron Sputtering System (Manufacturer AJA International, Inc, USA)

The size of the reaction chamber ∅ 14", height 15.6";

The diameter of the substrate up to 100 mm, the substrate can be heated up to 850 °C. Magnetron construction allows sputtering of magnetic materials with a target thickness up to 3.5 mm;

    Power sources:
  • direct-current generator with three-way switching pressure system with capacity of 750 watts.,
  • HF generator 100 W 13.56 MHz with synchronization system,
  • 6 gas lines for gas supply, the base vacuum better than than 5 • 10-8 Torr.