Section of Thermo-physical Measurements

Goals and objectives of the Section:

Studies of thermal and thermoelectric properties of various types of materials, carbon nanostructures and composite materials on their basis including diamonds and diamond composites.

Section Head:

        Dr. S. Perfilov


  • Dr. M. Popov, Laboratory Head
  • G. Pivovarov, Researcher
  • D. Burtsev, Laboratory Assistant

Types and ranges of measurements:


Measurement of Heat Capacity:

DSC 8000 Low-temperature Differential Scanning Calorimeter (Manufacturer Perkin Elmer, USA)

Temperature range -170 °С - 730 °С, Accuracy ± 0,1 °С, Reproducibility ± 0,01 °С;
Calorimetry: accuracy <± 1%, Reproducibility <± 0,1%, Sensitivity 0,2 microwatt, dynamic range from 0,2 microwatt to 800 milliwatt.


Thermal Conductivity Measurements:

LFA 457/2/G MicroFlash Thermal Diffusivity Analyzer (manufactured by NETZSCH)

Provides measurements of thermal diffusivity of samples from room-temperature to 1100 °С. Provides calculation of thermal conductivity, if heat capacity and sample density data is available.

  • temperature range from 20 to 1000 °С;
  • capability to test in the atmosphere of defined gas;
  • measurements range of thermal diffusivity 0,001 - 10 cm2/sec;
  • measurements range of thermal conductivity 0.02 - 2000 W/m•K.
Sample requirements:

  • Round samples with the diameter of 6 mm;
  • Square samples 10x10 mm.
  • Ideal thickness of samples:

      a) Low thermal diffusivity (e.g., polymers 0,01 - 1 mm2/sec) from 0,05 to 3 mm;
      b) Medium thermal diffusivity (e.g., ceramics 1 - 50 mm2/sec) from 0.5 to 5 mm;
      c) High thermal diffusivity (e.g., copper 50 - 1200 mm2/sec) from 1 to 5 mm.

Seebeck Coefficient Measurement:

LSR-3 system for electrical resistance and Seebeck coefficient measurement (manufactured by LINSEIS)

Temperature range from room-temperature to 800 °С.

Sample requirements:

  • Cylindrical shape, length 6-22 mm, diameter 2-4 mm;
  • Rectangular shape, length 6-22 mm, side from 2 to 4 mm.