Section of Thermo-baric Treatment of Materials

Goals and objectives of the Section:

Synthesis and study of carbon-containing materials with pressures of 3-15 GPa and temperatures of 20-2000 °С.

Section Head:

        Dr. A. Pozdnyakov


  • Dr. N. Serebryanaya, Chief Researcher
  • R. Bagramov, Senior Researcher
  • R. Lomakin, Junior Researcher
  • V. Danilov, Senior Engineer



USU-01/A Thermobaric Treatment System

DO-044 press basis system with force of 25,000 kN. The system was designed for processing materials at high pressures and temperatures.

It is equipped with a high-pressure chamber, allowing to process samples with following dimensions:

  • 22 x 15 mm at pressures up to 6 GPa;
  • 15 x10 mm at pressures up to 8 GPa;
  • Processing of bulk samples at pressures up to 15 GPa.

Processing temperature of up to 1500 - 200 °C and the soak time (up to tens of hours, depending on the processing parameters) are provided by control system and original software.